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Genomics for forestry research

Genoinseq is an active partner in genomics for forestry research, with the creation of genomic resources, transcriptomics for the study of gene expression and microbiome characterization.

Discovery of molecular markers for the detection of geographic origin of the pinewood nematode and detection kit development

Bursaphelenchus xylophilus is the causal agent of pine wilt disease. The initial burst of the disease occurred in 1999, in Setúbal, Portugal, and, in spite of containment measures, the nematode spread to the entire country.

Aquatic hyphomycete identification by ITS2 sequencing

Aquatic hyphomycete identification by ITS2 sequencing

Case-Control Genetic Association Studies

Genetic association analysis has been performed in a case-control setting for identification of the genetic determinants of a certain phenotype. Significant differences in allele or genotype frequencies between cases (affected individuals) and controls (unaffected subjects) are taken as evidence for its involvement in the phenotypic trait under study.

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